Call for Papers – Journal of Peacebuilding & Development (Volume 7, Number 3)

The Journal of Peacebuilding and Development (JPD) is calling for papers for V7N3 to be published in December 2012.

JPD is a tri-annual refereed journal providing a forum for the sharing of critical thinking and constructive action on issues at the intersections of conflict, development, and peace. Housed at the Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego, JPD develops theory-practice and South-North dialogues, foregrounding qualitative methodologies that highlight the micro, hidden impacts of dominant policies and practices, striving to advance innovation and effectiveness. This special issue will endeavor to capture and examine critical issues and questions on the topic of Infrastructure for Peace (I4P).

While a relatively new concept, I4P is quickly gaining recognition for its importance as the standing infrastructure and capabilities for peacebuilding and prevention. These can take many forms at different levels: community-based through national civil society (local peace committees, national peace forums, etc.), governments (Ministries and Departments for Peace, Peace Secretariats, Peace Councils), and regional and international organisations (BCPR, MSU, PBC, PSO within the UN system, the Good Offices Section in the Commonwealth Secretariat). I4P also includes capabilities of peacebuilding and prevention, i.e. early warning systems, training institutes and academies, and traditional community-based conflict-handling capabilities. The special issue is especially interested in articles that explore how I4Ps function, drawing lessons from practical experiences which can contribute to improved policy and practice. It aims to advance thinking around the role, value and contribution of I4P to peacebuilding (including also prevention and post-war recovery). The editors encourage authors to focus on comparative case studies, and examination of I4P at different levels (local, national, regional, international). Other specific themes of interest include: the role of I4P in prevention, and in particular evidence that is emerging through practical cases that illustrate results and impact; how I4P engages and fosters local and national ownership, rooting peacebuilding capabilities within communities, countries and regions; and gender and I4P.

Articles submitted to the Journal should be original contributions and are subject to peer review. With occasional exceptions, articles should be based on case studies. All submissions must link issues of peace and/or conflict with some aspect of development. Please indicate clearly if the article is under consideration by another publisher. Articles are read by the journal’s editors as well as by outside reviewers (one or two for briefings). The following types of submissions will be considered:

  • Full articles: critical case studies and/or thematic discussion and analysis of topical peacebuilding and development themes, 7,000 word maximum, including references and endnotes;
  • Briefings: discussions of 1) training, peacebuilding and intervention strategies and impact, 2) policy review/analysis, or 3) country briefings, 2,000 word maximum;
  • Book reviews: 900 word maximum;
  • Resources: notices of new books, reports, upcoming conferences, videos, e-communications and websites, 150 word maximum;
  • Documents: declarations, communiqués, and other relevant NGO or multilateral organisation statements, 1,000 word maximum. Each manuscript must be submitted by e-mail, and if in MSWord format. Any diagrams and maps should be submitted in .JPEG, .EPS or .TIFF format. Tables may appear in the text, but do not apply frames or tints. Copyright of articles published in the Journal rests with the publisher.

For more information and author guidelines please visit the JPD website.

Submission deadline: Authors are advised to send abstracts for review first. Abstracts should reach JPD by 1 March 2012. Full articles will be expected by 15 April 2012 and briefings by 1 June. Later submissions will be considered pending space, and may be referred for future issues.

Please send abstracts/papers by e-mail to: Martha Garcia.


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