Online dialogue on Civil Society Support to Monitoring and Evaluating National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security

EPLO in cooperation with the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts and Women In International Security is organising a 3-day online dialogue, from 26 to 28 March 2012, hosted by the Peace Portal to bring together civil society organisations from across the Atlantic to exchange views and best practices on how to effectively monitor and evaluate the implementation of National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security.

The initiative comes a few months after the U.S. adopted its first National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) and just before the release of the agency-specific plans by U.S. government agencies and departments. Across the Atlantic, some European countries have moved onto their second or even third iteration of National Action Plans, in some cases developed in close cooperation with civil society organisations. Yet have the findings of the reporting and monitoring of the “old” plans fed back into the policy cycle?

Many National Action Plans on WPS still fail to incorporate concrete and effective provisions on accountability measures, monitoring and evaluation systems. Civil society organisations have been actively advocating for the inclusion of specific lines of responsibility, adequate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, including the use of SMART indicators, to measure progress (or lack thereof) in the implementation of the plans and have substantially contributed to devising them.

The dialogue is therefore meant as an opportunity for invited civil society organisations to share their views, expertise and resources on the development and use of effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, as well as their specific roles in supporting these activities. The outcome of the discussion will be summarised and recommendations collated and circulated widely in the relevant policy and practice communities through our joint networks.

If you would like to join us please register with Giulia Pasquinelli ( by 19 March. Selection of participants will be made on the basis of expertise.


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