The EU and Peacebuilding: From European Peace Project to Global Actor

Europe for Citizens

The EU and Peacebuilding: From European Peace Project to Global Actor was an 18-month project co-financed by the European Commission (Europe for Citizens Programme) from January 2013 until June 2014. Its aim was to engage a broad range of actors, including European citizens, European civil society organisations, academic institutions, research centres and think tanks, as well as national and EU-level decision-makers in a dialogue on the EU’s role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and its history as a peace project.


The project consisted of a series of public events in EU Member States in the form of dialogues and round-tables which discussed opportunities and challenges for the EU to increase its peacebuilding potential and analysed the role EU Member States play both in certain EU policy fields and certain conflict-affected regions where the EU has a presence. By encouraging a wide range of EU stakeholders to engage in advocacy work on the EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding policy, the project aimed at increasing both the effectiveness of the EU’s contribution to conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and European citizens’ awareness of the history of the EU as a peace project.


The following ten events were organised under this project:

  • Belgium: The EU as a peace actor – peacebuilding in the EU and its neighbourhood (June 2014, Brussels)
  • Italy’s role in EU peacebuilding and civilian CSDP (June 2014, Rome)
  • France:Réponse aux crises et fragilité des Etats: Les leçons de l’engagement français (April 2014, Paris)
  • The Netherlands and the EU’s engagement with fragile states (March 2014, The Hague)
  • Finland: A Finnish view on EU peacebuilding and civilian CSDP (February 2013, Helsinki)
  • Germany: What role for Germany in strengthening EU peacebuilding and civilian CSDP? (October 2013, Berlin)
  • The Netherlands: Mediation in context – Understanding the role of the EU (September 2013, The Hague)
  • The future of CSDP: The French approachQuel avenir pour la politique de sécurité et de défense commune de l’Union européenne? L’Approche française (July 2013, Paris)
  • Cyprus: Conflict Prevention, Peacebuilding and the EU (June 2013, Nicosia)
  • The Netherlands: What role for the Netherlands in EU policies related to peacebuilding? (February 2013, The Hague)


Written outputs from the project, including meeting reports, summaries of key recommendations to EU policy-makers and civil society, are available to download from, the dedicated page on the EPLO website.


For more information about the ‘The EU and Peacebuilding: From European Peace Project to Global Actor’ project, please contact Catherine Woollard.


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